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African curation at its finest, AFRENAI is an online platform and marketplace for thoughtful content by local creatives and well-made brands based in Africa.

Inspired by the concept of African Renaissance, AFRENAI [said /‘afrɪˈnay’] aims to empower brands and creatives, by amplifying what their voices and enabling them to reach more people through our community.


Our mission at AFRENAI is to create connections and build a community of women that carry that thinking on, because we believe so much growth and success can come from collaboration.


The inspiring stories are thoughtfully curated, ensuring they encourage and offer a new perspective and the brands are consciously curated to create unique collections that are locally and sustainably made.

Just so you know, we promote purposeful products that are sustainably made in Africa, but we don't ship anything! All orders are processed, fulfilled and shipped independently by the brands. Click here if you would like to share your story or have your brand featured.

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