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Array The Label

Design elements that strive to bring forth a message of simplicity with art that is created to be worn by different personalities to bring forth character. That is what Array The Label is aiming to achieve, with their limited-edition satin chiffon scarves and bold statement earrings. The brand looks to celebrate the diverse women of the world with their collections, reflected in their scarf colour & print selections and style of earrings.


The drive behind Array The Labels is creating wearable art that appeals to women from different walks of life. The designs, each of which form part of a limited-edition series, are created and handcrafted by Danica Ricciardi in Cape Town, South Africa.


While scarves were originally created for a practical purpose - to keep your neck warm, for the most part. Those of the silky variety, that are luxuriously smooth to the touch and light in weight, really serve no other function than to complement ones look.


Let the Array range elevate your daily staples, by wearing yours as a neckerchief, a headband, weave it through the belt loops of your jeans or wrap it on the straps of your favourite bag.


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