| Tokelo Motsepe

Brand Feature: Lorne Jewellery

LORNE jewellery is a Cape Town based brand founded by Gillian Lawence, with a unique take on jewellery.

The label doesn't function in the obvious manor of seasonal collections, but rather focuses on producing constant loose designs of one of a kind pieces. A persistent level of creative stimulation and growth is prevalent as the label develops.





This process is spontaneous, yet polished and brings to life not only beautiful jewellery, but wearable art. While holding a strong label aesthetic, Lorne offers a selection of pieces that will be unique to it's wearers and has become known for being artistic, creative and resonating with pop culture.

One of the main driving forces behind Lorne was no doubt the voice of millennial mentality pointing the team towards what’s coined a ‘start up’. The founder pictured a label that’s emphasis was on free, fluid and brave designs with less restrictions and more individualism. When Lorne was introduced as a brand towards the end of 2016 it was welcomed through the readiness and open mindedness of the South African market.


The Lorne brand [ who's designers include Andile Makaula and Simone Langeveldt] believe in impromptu designing. There’s a wide range of once off pieces which embodies a very organic way of producing pieces where the only things that are measured are the pins attached to the earrings. The brand also believes in trusting in its design ability, the brands aesthetic and drawing inspiration and with this kind of production, each of the once-off designs are products of the moment and will always have a level of uniqueness and involvement to them.

This process helps with stimulation, taking risks, progress and introducing variety into the market place, which in turn involves a level of risk-taking, self expression and stimulation to the consumers.


See more from the Lorne brand here: https://lorne.co.za/  |  Instagram  |  Facebook