| Tokelo Motsepe

Tried and Tested: Hydrating Toner

Our tried & tested feature is by Tokelo Motsepe, the founder of AFRENAI. Which is another way of saying she has a passion for sustainable brands that produce the thoughtfully made products sold on this platform. She loves anything that looks stylish and smells fresh; and will happily test and try out conscious goodies in the name of wellness.


My long journey searching for quality products, that are affordable & locally-made started a couple of years ago, when I decided it was time I supported more homegrown brands. Being more intentional with that lead to many realizations about our local industry, that I believed I could improve. This gave way to the conception and birth of this platform, and as they say, the rest is history.

I have discovered some amazing products, that have come to form part of my morning, evening and self-care routines and thought I’d share my personal review of some of those items that now sit in my closet and bathroom cabinet.


Tried & Tested by Tokelo Motsepe | Founder of AFRENAI


First up has to be the Rose Geranium & Tea Tree Hydrating Toner by Oribi Organics. I have dry skin and added moisture is one way I replenish my body and skin. I drink lots of water (about 3 litres daily) and start both my morning and night skincare regime with this hydrating toner.

With the days being warmer lately, I often step out of the shower feeling hot and eager to dry off and cool down. I use this facial toner first, after washing my face and before moisturizing and this become one of my favourite parts of my routine, cause of how cool the mist feels on my skin after that warm shower and how yummy the stuff smells.

Not sure what a toner does?
Well, they form part of your face washing routine and are good at further cleansing your skin [said to be really great for those with oily or acne-prone skin]. And help restore your skins pH balance - cause some soaps and washes can throw off your skins natural pH levels and cause irritation.

Just be sure to avoid toners with menthol, peppermint and citrus oils or those with very high alcohol or fragrance content. These ingredients may potentially give you an allergic reaction.


I love how my skin feels soft & fresh, without feeling stripped and dry - on some mornings I'll laze about sans moisturizer and my face will still feel good with just the toner on it.

I've also noticed my pores actually look smaller after using this tonic, which I enjoy. This is due to the tonic also working to remove any excess oil still on ones face after washing. 


Oribi Organics Hydrating Toner | AFRENAI


This mild, pH-balanced toner is made with pure & natural botanical ingredients, including some soothing Aloe Vera, firming Witch Hazel extract and essential oil distillates. I also love how it can also be used as a refreshing facial mist, which I enjoy using when I'm chilling under an umbrella at the beach. To shop this Oribi Organics Hydrating Toner - click here.


These are the views and opinions of Tokelo Motsepe based on her own personal experience. Individual responses can vary greatly.