How can I get my brand featured on the AFRENAI platform?

We aim to share only high-quality brands with our audience have a stringent approval process, so please be patient with us. You can submit your latest product here: 


I'd love to contribute some of my content. How can I do that?

We feature the content of digital creatives that encourage the living of a full and meaningful life, through the stories they tell and the brands they consume and advocate. We would love to hear some of your stories and welcome your content submissions.

We have a stringent approval policy, so please be patient with us. You can submit your best work here: 



How do I get my content shared on your social media page?

Follow our page on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag us in your posts. We may repost your content and feature your product/brand on our page! We like to keep to our look and feel, so try to keep that in mind when tagging us in the content you would like us to share.


I entered one of your giveaways. How do I find out who won?

Please check the original giveaway post, we typically update that with the winners handle.

Why Sustainable Brands? 

We curate brands that care for the working conditions of those making them and the impact they have on the environment. There is an amazing assortment of products out there, but they aren’t always easy to find and our goal is to make things easier for those looking to live a less impactful and more conscious lifestyle. Our aim is to do the searching and vetting for you - making it easy to feel wonderful about the things you buy!


What Is Sustainable Fashion? 

Produced with a minimum impact on the planet, so less or no pollution, less waste, and fewer resources used. Includes natural textiles and materials, low-carbon footprint, non-toxic dyes, recycled materials and more.


What Is Ethical & Fair Fashion? 

Produced in a way that doesn’t harm or exploit people and/or animals. Includes work conditions, wages, support of traditional skills, and cruelty-free products.

Do you offer advertising for businesses?

Yes, our platform now focuses exclusively on promoting and collaborating with creatives and brands, using Instagram & Facebook. You can see all the options here.  


If I want to advertise with you, what do I need to do?

First, we suggest you take a look at our rates and offerings here. If you're ready to book your spot, please make your booking here.

If you still have a few questions, please contact us at and tell us a bit about your product/business and which advertising options you're interested in and we'll happily get back to you.


I would like to send you something. Do you accept press drops?

Yes, you are more than welcome to send us products/press drops. Please contact us at for our address details. Please note that we don’t guarantee any exposure.

I would like to invite you to an event. How do I do that?

We'd love to attend! Please send us more information through our contact form over here.