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AFRENAI is a creative platform & marketplace for well-made, conscious brands made in Africa.

Inspired by the concept of African Renaissance, AFRENAI [said /‘afrɪˈnay’] aims to empower African-made brands, by enabling them to reach more customers through accessing new markets, locally and globally.



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The Mastery Code by Llewellyn Devereaux

A book that teaches progressive mindset using three spiritual pillars: Self-Mastery, Money-Mastery and Purpose.

10 Good Things To Have Come Out Of This Lockdown

Five weeks into self isolation - three of those weeks being in solid lockdown and it’s all a bit of a blur. Couldn’t tell you what we did on a specific day in the past weeks as it’s just flowed from one into the next. But I’m grateful that it feels like a good blur.

Here are the top 10 (good) things to have come out of lockdown in our household so far:

1. Spending time together as a family, without hubs having to jet overseas for work constantly. THE biggest silver lining for us.

2. Noah and Kaia connecting with one another as siblings and discovering that they are both pretty awesome.

3. Me rediscovering my love for yoga, now that running isn’t an option (other than garden runs).

4. Trying out new recipes.

5. Building up and organizing ALL of Noah’s LEGO.

6. Taking in EVERY single sunset

7. And never taking our ocean view for granted once.

8. Finally taking the time to finish all of my words in Finn’s Stellarize Baby Book.

9. Me now being absolutely certain that I don’t want to home-school our children (hubs has alluded to the idea multiple times over the past years...).

10. And obviously the countless hours with the piglets. I mean c.o.u.n.t.l.e.s.s 🤪 Oh and if hubs could add an 11th one, it would be the lack of online shopping from his wife.

My heart is happy and the atmosphere in our home is wonderful. I hope your heart is happy too. Sending love 🌼

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