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Inspired by the concept of African Renaissance, AFRENAI [said /‘afrɪˈnay’] aims to empower African-made brands, by enabling them to reach more customers through accessing new markets, locally and globally.



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The Mastery Code by Llewellyn Devereaux

A book that teaches progressive mindset using three spiritual pillars: Self-Mastery, Money-Mastery and Purpose.

5 Reasons To Detox Your Bathroom & Skincare Routine

Every now and then a refresh in routines, rules, and approaches is necessary. And while most people settle into their Zoom meetings, spring clean and make banana bread, might we suggest you consider relooking your skincare collection and routine. 

On average, at any given time a woman will host up to 515 ingredients on her body - which isn’t too unbelievable considering the average woman uses 12 personal care products per day and they contain, on average, 168 different ingredients

Many of these ingredients contain dangerous chemical compounds, like parabens, phthalates, artificial-fragrances and dioxins. Which means it’s no coincidence that infertility, allergies in children and certain types of cancer – including those of the thyroid, liver and skin – are on the rise. 

Think about it, our skin absorbs pretty much everything we put on it (and much more so when it is wet than when dry) and daily exposure to these chemicals can add up over time. This is why using sustainable skincare products made with thoughtful ingredients that aren't harmful is necessary.

We can all be more mindful of the ingredients that make up our skincare products and try our best to avoid bombarding our hair and skin with hormone-disrupting chemicals, by considering these 5 reasons on why our showers or baths are the best places to start when it comes to clean beauty.

1. Wet skin absorbs everything

When our skin is wet, our pores are open. Meaning our skin absorbs significantly more of whatever we put on it and does so deeper than it would when dry. 

Massaging fragranced, foamy products into skin and hair under a steaming hot shower may seem luxurious, but only until you check the ingredient list and take into consideration that these chemicals could be going straight into our bloodstreams.

2. These chemicals disrupt hormones and can be carcinogenic

Ingredients like DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine), commonly found in shampoo, soap, bubble baths and facial cleansers have chemicals that are proven to disrupt your hormonal balance and contain cancer-causing agents.

Along with this, phthalates and parabens, commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics and skincare products, contain elements making them an overall carcinogenic and both have been particularly linked to breast cancer.

3. Toxic products are killing your body’s natural defenses

By using toxic ingredients, like Triclosan (found in antibacterial soaps, toothpaste and deodorant), we may be unknowingly lowering our body’s natural immunity by killing off the colonies of bacteria, both good and bad, that make up our skin’s microbiome.

As Jonathan Eisen, a microbiologist at the University of California at Davis told Popular Science, “While they are killing potentially dangerous microbes, they are also altering the communities of beneficial bacteria on the skin.”

These ingredients have been proven to making bacteria antibiotic-resistant (as seen in THIS 2018 study), disrupt hormones, the metabolism and reproductive system development, as well as exacerbate allergies.

4. Non-toxic products are better for the environment

Toxic ingredients in body or skincare products are not only detrimental to our own health but can also have a negative impact on our environment. From our showers, the chemicals from these products get washed down the sewage system to ultimately end up in lakes, streams, rivers and the ocean. Causing severe damage to ecosystems, animals and plant life. 

Most of these ingredients will never naturally get broken down, and studies have shown that marine mammals have been found with traces of chemicals, like parabens, in their bloodstreams.

When we’re choosing natural and non-toxic products from smaller companies, it’s more than likely that the ingredients used have been sourced as sustainably as possible. 

5. It’s better for the animals

Animal testing is a nasty, unnecessary practise that kills millions of innocent animals each year. With the blurred lines of import and export regulations, it can be so difficult to understand which brands have actually been tested on animals and which have not. 

Take a peek at your makeup, beauty products and home cleaners. Do you recognize the ingredients? If you don’t see the Leaping Bunny or PETA Bunny symbols, it’s very likely that these items have been tested on animals.

By choosing to swap over to locally-made, non-toxic and natural products you’re guaranteed that no animals were harmed in the process because they won’t contain nasty ingredients that may be unsafe to humans in the first place! 


And whilst it may be impossible to eliminate all toxins from your daily life, you can take simple steps to reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals by choosing small-scale, local brands that go the extra mile to source their ingredients as ethically and sustainably as possible. 

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