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AFRENAI is a creative platform & marketplace for well-made, conscious brands made in Africa.

Inspired by the concept of African Renaissance, AFRENAI [said /‘afrɪˈnay’] aims to empower African-made brands, by enabling them to reach more customers through accessing new markets, locally and globally.



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The Mastery Code by Llewellyn Devereaux

A book that teaches progressive mindset using three spiritual pillars: Self-Mastery, Money-Mastery and Purpose.

I’m not about to save the world, but I did change to cloth nappies

I’m a big picture kind of person. I’m not petty or detail orientated. At Varsity, I was a brilliant B student, as I always ensured that I got the gist of the subject but never all of the detail. I wasn’t into parrot learning, but instead could sum up the subject on 2 A4 pages. So, I make mistakes whilst writing. But it doesn’t really bother me, as the fact that I wrote a blog post at all is far more important. And then I’m onto better and bigger things. I do most things in a rush, and whilst intentional, I don’t waste time.

SO, when it comes to saving the earth, I’m not your girl!! Sure, I’ll inspire the socks off people to live full beautiful lives, but I struggle to see how me eating meat twice a week is causing the heating of the earth. I know what you’re thinking. Damn girl. You’re gonna get a ton of nasty inbox messages. And I probably am. But I’m just being honest. {PS: Both of my brothers partners (who I adore) are vegans, so I’m not anti saving the environment, it’s just not me}

So when I announced to my friends, and family, that I was going to switch Noah to cloth nappies, I heard many a giggle. They know me well and unnecessary effort is just not me, I’m more the eat a Woolies meal then prepare a meal for 2 hours kinda mom. And yet, for some reason I had felt it necessary to implement this. And one things that I am, is decisive. And it as decided. So it would happen.

I’m totally impulsive too so I bought 15 cloth nappies and the every next day we changed Noah to cloth. I have loved this new journey but also haven’t got caught up in it. Big picture, remember. So he wears cloth at home and disposal when we’re out. It’s no biggy and the shift has been easy. Apart from the odd poo that creeps out of the liner and leaves me wanting to gag whilst soaking the nappy.

Bam. Another tick off my 30-by-30 list!

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