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AFRENAI is a creative platform & marketplace for well-made, conscious brands made in Africa.

Inspired by the concept of African Renaissance, AFRENAI [said /‘afrɪˈnay’] aims to empower African-made brands, by enabling them to reach more customers through accessing new markets, locally and globally.



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The Mastery Code by Llewellyn Devereaux

A book that teaches progressive mindset using three spiritual pillars: Self-Mastery, Money-Mastery and Purpose.

Virtual Distant Learning For My Kids While Under Lockdown

My kids, Noah and Kaia’s school had some recommenced classes via virtual distant learning this week.

As we were nearing this change in our daily morning routine, I was quite apprehensive about them needing to do the whole distant learning thing. Noah is only five and Kaia, only three. They are both still in kindergarten (pre-school). But I must admit that I’ve been blown away by the quality and organisation of their school, and how much joy both the kids are getting out of it.

Both Noah and Kaia have 3 morning catch ups with their teacher and classmates (at 8:30am, at 10 and at 12), where they sing songs, chat, do short and simple exercises and read stories. In between those 3 virtual catch ups, they get given a craft or activity to do, which I do with them. We have fun and they feel awfully proud when they've completing an epic creation which they get to share with their teacher. I can see that they love being connected and genuinely look forward to their little bit of virtual catch up time. It really has been a positive experience so far!

That doesn’t mean it’s not a juggle though. It’s a huge juggle managing three young kids (with Finn still being such a mini baby). Trying to stick to their three catch ups on different computers, in different parts of the house. Juggling who I sit with and when (as I also need to hear what’s going on), because neither of them are old enough to do any of it on their own yet. Then setting up, helping with and completing their crafts with them. Taking pictures and sharing those on with the teacher. All in between Finn’s constant nappy changes (he is a champion pooper), constant food prep and feeding, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, life admin and just you know...mommy-ing. I’m grateful that I don’t have to fit work into that equation during the day (saving that for the evenings), and I’m grateful that my husband is working from home (even though I wish I could see his face more during the day and lean on him for more help at times). But the juggle is real and it’s full on right now for any Mama out there.

So, I just wanted to say that you’re doing amazing. Hang in there and find the joy wherever you can. Have fun, amongst the beautiful chaos. And if you can catch a break of any sort, at any point, do it. You deserve it.

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